November Rock Stars

For the month of November, the PTA board would like to recognize, Carrie Mobley and Rose Marie Clemons as our Volunteers of the Month.  Lets get to know  them……

Carrie Mobley  has 3 boys at Clark.  Dane in first grade, Brett in third grade, and Evan in Fifth grade.  Not only does Mrs. Mobley volunteers in all of her children’s classrooms but she is also chairs Family Nights, Morning Show representative, and Fifth grade celebration committee on Clark Elementary’s PTA!

Why does she volunteer?

” I volunteer at the school because I believe that the success of my kids does not lie just within them and their awesome teachers. But also in the devotion that I have to their education. Being involved in the school is my way of letting them know that I value their education above everything else.   Them seeing that priority in me naturally prioritizes it for them.”


Rose Marie Clemons

Ms. Clemons has a daughter in first grade.


Thank you wonderful ladies for all your hard work and time.   You rock!!

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